“If you’re to choose to paint your life today... What will it be? Remember, you’re the artist, not the canvas.”

― Val Uchendu

This Life Tapestry

Where Your Life Threads Are Woven to Completion. Discover the colors of Your Life Tapestry. Seamlessly weave together your mind, body and Spirit.

Our Commitment

To Teach people how to build whole health by integrating the mind, body and spirit into a balanced individual. To do so, we much go back to our CORE – Expand our empathy and deepen our communications with others and ourselves. Doing so, we conquer our one true enemy – fear.

  This Life Tapestry Oracle Cards are ready to order!

 Our Life Tapestry Oracle Cards. These cards are designed to allow you to tap into your gifts and interpret​ them as God and Spirit direct you.

We specifically picked the number 52 for our cards. Number 52 represents learning and expanding your horizons. It can also aid you in gaining courage and helps you adapt to tough life situations.

Number 52 is a symbol of new opportunities in life, improvements and opportunities of inevitable changes in your life. Number 52 can aid you in your drive and determination

The number 52 can help Your inner wisdom and insight power to reach a higher peak, so we hope these cards prove to be a helpful tool as you travel on higher roads and planes.

You can order your own deck of cards for 25.00 plus 7.50 for shipping.  Cards include a book for guidance and understanding of each card.  Email [email protected]  Include your name, address and how many decks you are ordering.  Payment is accepted via venmo - @deborahcolleenrose or

paypal - [email protected]


  • Private Retreats
  • Classes - Holistically Focused
  • Intuitive Galleries
  • Day Trips
  • Spiritual Training
  • Coaching
  • Spiritual Awakenings(Private Sessions)
  • Networking

This Life Tapestry Weavers

Deborah Rose​

Deborah Colleen Rose

is a multi-generational gifted, spiritual intuitive. Deborah first received public recognition for her talents as a gifted intuitive at the age of 13 when she was featured in the local Dallas paper when she was entertaining at a children’s Halloween carnival. She was first made aware of her gifts at the age of 4, while learning about spiritual gifts from her grandmother.  Practical life experience has enhanced her natural abilities as she made her way through this world as a business owner, author, public speaker and private investigator.  Deborah’s gifts include face reading, intuitive readings, handwriting profiles and analysis, spiritual readings of all kinds and spiritual teachings. Deborah is especially fond of dream interpretations and showing the logical comparisons between common sense, logic and spiritual awareness.

Luann Morris

Luann remembers her 1st psychic experience in 1978, when she was hit by a premonition that her father was going to die. Unfortunately, 5 hours later it came to pass. She has always had a "knowing" about events and how things would play out. Luann did not pursue her gifts until she took a tarot class in 2010. She has ddeveloped from learning the card meanings to using her "knowing" abilities to help guide people in their everyday lives. Luann is an LVN, Herbalist, International Author and Ordained Minister; and is a member of Blogtalkradio.com/Makeitsonetwork, in her role as psychic medium.

You can view her herbal products at:

Herbal Lu's Apothecary.

Luann is also an intuitive healer and can compile specialized herbal mixtures for skin conditions and more.


Colors To Build Your Life Tapestry

  • Black – Mystery, rebirth, wisdom
  • Brown – Encouragement, stability, acceptance
  • Blue – Faith, truth, sincerity
  • Green – Co-existing, healing, nature
  • Indigo – Honor, devotion, wisdom
  • Orange – Abundance, rejuvenation, wild soul
  • Purple – Benevolence, enlightenment, spiritual awareness
  • Red – Passion, family, primal power
  • Pink – Romance, tenderness, nurturing
  • White – Purity, peace, higher awareness
  • Yellow/Gold – Joy, creativity, spiritual power
  • Silver Imaginative, mystic, unconditional love, creative