“If you’re to choose to paint your life today... What will it be? Remember, you’re the artist, not the canvas.”

― Val Uchendu

This Life Tapestry

Where Your Life Threads Are Woven to Completion. Discover the colors of Your Life Tapestry. Seamlessly weave together your mind, body and Spirit.

Our Commitment

To Teach people how to build whole health by integrating the mind, body and spirit into a balanced individual. To do so, we much go back to our CORE – Expand our empathy and deepen our communications with others and ourselves. Doing so, we conquer our one true enemy – fear.


Private Retreats

Classes - Holistically Focused

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Day Trips

Spiritual Training


Spiritual Awakenings(Private Sessions)


Colors To Build Your Life Tapestry

  • Black – Mystery, rebirth, wisdom
  • Brown – Encouragement, stability, acceptance
  • Blue – Faith, truth, sincerity
  • Green – Co-existing, healing, nature
  • Indigo – Honor, devotion, wisdom
  • Orange – Abundance, rejuvenation, wild soul
  • Purple – Benevolence, enlightenment, spiritual awareness
  • Red – Passion, family, primal power
  • Pink – Romance, tenderness, nurturing
  • White – Purity, peace, higher awareness
  • Yellow/Gold – Joy, creativity, spiritual power
  • Silver Imaginative, mystic, unconditional love, creative